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Daily Balance
Minimize your hot flashes and get relief from over 5 other common peri/menopause symptoms*
24-Hour Relief Duet
Uniquely crafted to preemptively address menopause symptoms, our patent-pending gummies bring balance your body & mind both day & night.
Peaceful Evening
Natural relief from major nighttime peri/menopause symptoms*
Beautiful Day
Reinvigorate your hair, skin, & nails* - Single Jar

Make sense of your body’s signals

Hormone Tracking

inne minilab

Hormone Tracking

inne minilab

The first, at-home hormone monitoring system to give you an easy, convenient way to measure your progesterone levels with a few drops of your own saliva.

Daily hormone tracking helps you better understand how certain patterns affect your body so you can predict and plan for whatever comes next.

By analyzing saliva collected on the inne STRIPS, the inne READER can detect changes in your progesterone levels that may indicate how close you are to perimenopause.


     - 1 inne READER to test and analyze progesterone levels

     - 64 inne STRIPS (3 months supply) for saliva collection


*The inne minilab should not be used by women who are post-menopausal, taking hormonal Birth Control or Hormone Replacement Theory (HRT), currently pregnant, have PCOS, endometriosis, and/or other health conditions that impact cycle regularity.

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