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Don't just survive menopause. Thrive.

Daily gummy regimens to deliver essential vitamins and nutrients through midlife and menopause.

Expert Guidance

Reduce the frustration and stress of menopause with daily gummy regimens designed to proactively alleviate the frequency and severity of symptoms from when you wake up in the morning to when you wind down in the evening.

Each gummy is crafted with patent-pending ingredient combinations to give you the energy, mental clarity, and emotional balance you need to make it through your day and the calming, reviving relaxation you need to sleep through the night.


Multi-symptom relief from your vanity to your bedside table.

Science you can trust.

Naturally-derived, clinically proven, & guaranteed to deliver the results you need.

It's not complicated

Take 2 in the AM & 
2 in the PM for relief from

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