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The first, at-home hormone monitoring system to give you an easy, convenient way to measure your progesterone levels with a few drops of your own saliva.

  • 1 inne READER to test and analyze progesterone levels
  • 64 inne STRIPS (3 months supply) for saliva collection

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Your personal at-home hormone tracking system

Meet inne.

Track your hormone levels with our new inne minilab and the Phenology app. Map over 20 menopause symptoms and your periods—whenever they happen—to understand, predict, and plan for the changes ahead.

Daily hormone tracking helps you better understand how certain patterns affect your body so you can predict and plan for whatever comes next.

By analyzing saliva collected on the inne STRIPS, the inne READER can detect changes in your progesterone levels that may indicate how close you are to perimenopause.


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"So I’ve realized that I’m getting my migraines when my progesterone drops! This is amazing insight. The last two days that I’ve had a migraine, my progesterone dropped on the point chart. This is very important information for me.”